Sunday, March 8, 2009

Strange Interlude

This was the best production I've ever seen of anything.  It was 5 hours of performance and it was totally flawless. The perfect conspiracy of storytelling: acted with meticulous alchemy, and embodied with such big-hearted, open-armed precision that if it weren't so utterly, gleefully earth-bound, its soaring comic genius would have embraced the whole audience and lifted us into the sky.  

This is what happens when artists give themselves permission to be better than you ever thought possible. When a whole room sings together, when a whole room wills a doll to life, wills a man to femininity, wills adverbs into arguments, wills comedy into tragedy, wills silence among chaos, wills structure into freedom and pure joy.  

Every performance was pitch-perfect.  Every emotion utterly felt, every flicker shared.  Imagine a magician explaining the trick to you while doing it and still being flabbergasted.  This is the essence of the theater.  Congratulations to Greg Allen, Joe Dempsey, Dean Evans, Merrie Greenfield, Jeremy Sher, Brennan Buhl and everyone involved in this perfect production: Thank you.

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Zev Valancy said...

What a gorgeous look at the show. Here's mine--similarly positive, a little less poetic:

I hope you are well and I get to see you soon!