Saturday, June 6, 2009

Buckets of Chicken

I find myself really conflicted about this kind of stupid article from the Wall Street Journal.  It offers two opposite justifications for the so-called "decline" in audience behavior in Broadway theaters.  Either it's because all sorts of chicken-eating out-of-towners are buying discounted tickets and acting like they're watching TV outside on their porches, or the ludicrously high ticket prices are breeding an intense feeling of entitlement in rude jet-setters.  And also, there might not actually be a decline in behavior at all.

So. What now? The most interesting aspect for me is the guy who asked an actress to "wait a second" while he got seated, and that she doesn't remember this and in fact, tends to hold anyway.  The wonder of this anecdote is that this person understands the genius of the theater - its humanity, its ephemerality - and doesn't understand that it is "inappropriate" to demand that of the theater, and is treated to it anyway.  I'll be thinking more about this I hope.  

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