Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Brisk Walk

From rehearsal to where I caught the Belmont bus home I walked by Strawdog, Oracle, Bruised Orange, The Playground, the Theatre Building, and the new Theater Wit space. That's 6 theaters in twenty minutes on foot, not counting Mary-Arrchie (right around the corner) or The Viaduct (I was, happily, already on the bus by this point). I'm probably forgetting one. Sure, I almost froze my mustache off, but, good God, I love this city.


Anonymous said...

I read today in TCG that there are close to 2000 non-profit theaters in America (according to tax returns). There are 200 theatres in the League alone.

So we have more than 10% of theater in America in this city.


Bil said...

This doesn't just make me love also makes me love the art form. If you were to walk by 6 movie theaters on foot, you would most likely see the a bunch of the same names on the marquees. But 6 live performaces means 6 very different experiences, and that's kind of reflective of the city itself. I love it!