Friday, May 22, 2009

Art For Profit?

This is an interesting article from the great site Chicago Artists' Resource.  It's about dance, specifically, but I think it's applicable rather more broadly.  We've inherited the idea of non-profit arts organizations and rarely question it, but like all things I think it's worth examination.  The stark difference between "commercial" art and "Art" art (forgodssake) is not new, I admit, but it is a bit oppressive.  The indie rock world, at its worst, is so engulfed by this kind of bifurcated thinking that commercial success is actually equivalent to aesthetic irrelevance.  I wonder then if non-profit is as much a kind of badge as it is a business model, and if that's true, if it is a badge worth wearing.  Examination may prove that it is, but I think it might be refreshing to find out the hard way.

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