Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smart Fundraising

I love this. Particularly in the midst of the current ascent of transparency, this patent approach to fundraising I find really charming and effective. Even I'm somehow more engaged to donate the $5 for the stage manager's spike tape than I would be to donate $5 in general (though I would insist it not be glow tape, which I irrationally loathe). This system permits small donations, encourages large donations, and injects a little bit of fun and sharing into the process. I really congratulate The Signal Ensemble on their imaginative approach. I'd be interested to know how it's working.


Zev Valancy said...

Intermissions, glow just hate things that make life easier, don't you?

Benedict Nelson said...

Oh my god, you're right! :) Next up: seatbelts, shoes, telephones.

Zev Valancy said...

Actually, I'm not big on shoes either. Fuzzy slippers unite!