Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing it Far from the Vest

I've somehow failed to point out that the production of Macbeth that I'm working on right now is vestless! As promised, I'm posting some pictures of the show in an ongoing effort to prove that Shakespeare's plays can be performed without the aid of vests. If you're involved in a Shakespeare play without vests, don't forget to send me some pictures and I promise I'll post them. We can break the cycle of this addiction.

Nathan Hosner and Patrice Egleston (above)

E.B. Smith and Nathan Hosner (below)


Zev Valancy said...

Is it bad that whenever I see a vest, in a play or not, I think of you? And what would you do if cast in a Shakespeare where vests were used? How would you balance your principles?

Benedict Nelson said...

Ha! That's a great question. I wonder if I would just keep forgetting it mine in the green room... I was struggling for a while if breastplates count as vests. So maybe I would just put some tin foil on it?