Thursday, July 16, 2009


There's something really gross about this Teachout article.  First, I definitely believe that the term "artist" is an honorific, not a job description.  And, certainly there is a difference between writing plays and writing reviews of plays - the jobs are very different - but who knew an examination of the difference could feel so much like hot breath in the face?  Read it, maybe I'm crazy.

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Zev Valancy said...

Yeah, Teachout's pretty yucky, as a general rule. Ever read his stuff on the tragic lack of conservative voices in theatre? It's even yuckier.

And I think more critics would be working professionally in theatre if so many people didn't frown on artists crossing the line to criticism, and vice versa. Many people don't see critics as part of the process, so the idea has sprung up that there should be a wall of separation between the two. For me, the number of theatres and productions I don't let myself review due to professional connections is very high. I think it would be good for the art if more people crossed over, but it doesn't seem feasible with the state of things today. It's too bad.