Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Leaf

I think these folks are so smart. Check this out. I have been cynical about the value of online video for publicizing theater, but the trailer for The Man Who Was Thursday is completely awesome. It's smart, it's independent of the theater - it is not a filmed clip of theater, which is always awful - but it looks like theater. If I miss this show, and I only have five more chances to see it, then I'm not a serious person.

Also, I think the trailer for Calls To Blood is really great.


Devans said...

you gotta get on tix asap for that man, we're sold out this weekend already.

Nick Keenan said...

It's more dire than that. We're a couple tixx away from selling out the run. You may direct beer and bribes towards Marni Keenan at the box office or the HotTix folks, who hold I think all but 2 remaining tickets. I'll let her know you wrote these kind words, however, which may help ya out. ;-)

I mean, come on: You have to find out how the show holds up to the extras!!!

Benedict Nelson said...

Gah! Hottix is out and brown paper tix is out! I sent an email to tickets@newleaftheatre.org...any hope of that working? Listen to this: I'll pay full price. That's right. Full price.

Also, I'll sit in the booth.

Also, I'll sweep and mop. I've got Floor Manager on my resume, people.