Friday, November 20, 2009

yes I said yes you should Yes

An imperfect article but the sentiment is right on the money.

(hat tip: Thomas Cott)


Jack said...

"...Latinos will be the largest multicultural market in the U.S. by the year 2012."

So, the largest non-white race-demarcated market? So, the second-largest race-demarcated market? Or the largest? What does "multicultural" mean in this instance? That is an obscuring and annoying use of language.

Benedict Nelson said...

Yeah I totally agree, are latinos multi-cultural inherently? I guess arguments have been made along those lines but I think in this article multi-cultural means "non-white race." Stupid, I know. What I like about the article is the idea still the fairly simple point that we love saying around a table that what we "need" is "diverse audiences" and then put on lend me a tenor again. Stupid. Audiences respond to programming. Now, I'd be interested to see the numbers for the Court, but I bet for a theater of its size it has one of the most racially diverse subscriber bases in the city.

"Diverse" is another word that gets washed out of all sense. I worked with the Neighborhood Schools Program my first year in college and I was a T.A. in a 6th grade class at Wadsworth Elementary on 63rd and Woodlawn. Before I went the dispatcher asked me if I was going to be comfortable going to a "very diverse school." I thought to myself: a diverse school? That sounds great! Of course, I was also comfortable when the school turned out to be - literally - 100% African American, but I was pretty shocked at that use of language.